How to win back our lost place?

Short term therapeutic program


After being delayed a few times because of the pandemic, we finally managed to organise our second short term therapeutic program of this year, between the 20th and 31st of July. The event was hosted by the “Rebeca Mission Center” in Cătălina, Covasna county. Despite the big interest in the event, we were forced to refrain to only 16 participants, most of them alcoholics, including 3 couples. The theme of this 12 day therapeutic program was making the participants aware of their losses, the real situation they’re in and the possibilities to win back their place in their families, relationships, at their workplace and in society.

The morning sessions and group talks focused on self discovery, helping them evaluate their losses, wounds and unhealthy self-defense models from their childhood that still affect them to the present day and lead them to addiction. Through one-on-one mentoring talks the participants received practical guidance to help them in their changing process. The workshops also helped them become aware that they’re not alone in this and that therefore their shame has gradually disappear. As trust and focus began to build up among them during the first few days,  the therapeutic process became a lot easier.

The afternoon sessions and talks targeted the many misconceptions that surround substance use. Movies like “Visco” and “Trial of Love” were also part of therapy, as an emotional motivation for the clients. During the biblical lectures in the evenings, they all had the opportunity to hear about the freedom of salvation offered by Jesus for each one of them. The testimonies of several individuals and couples whom have been abstinent for many years also had a positive effect on the participants, as sharing similar life experiences gave them the hope that they can overcome addiction.