Cati’s story

Cati is the youngest from a Christian family of 5 children, and she grew up in a poor environment in Republica Moldova. Having a violent father who ended up leaving his family, this caused her a big pain, as he left them in a deep poverty. There were days when they didn’t have anything to eat, so this made Cati think that her non-christian neighbors are happier, because they have everything they need. This changed her perception about God.

Even more problems appeared when she turned 10, and she started to smoke with one of her classmates. Then, when she was 13, she smoked marijuana for the first time, while being at one party with her best friend. Easily she became addicted to marijuana and spice drugs, and she left school after she finished the 9th grade. During the next years she tried several times to quit consumption, by going to different detox hospitals from Moldova and Romania- where her sister lives.

After 6 years of drugs consumption, and a lot of pain caused by her addiction, she found out about Teen Challenge Romania center, by reading in a Christian magazine the testimony of one of our workers. She decided to come to House of Joy women center, and last month she graduated our program. We are so happy to see the beautiful transformation God has done in all the areas of her life, and the great impact that she has trough her testimony!