Training announcement 26 February 2015

Training announcement

From Tuesday 24 until Thursday 26 February 2015 the Romanian Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition (ROSAAC) provides a three days training in ‘A Theory of Presence’ in the Teen Challenge Men Centre in Gradistea. In the morning we will deal with theory and during the afternoon theory will be exercised in practice and with the assistance of films.

A certificate of participation will be handed out at the end of this training.

Definition of ‘A Theory of Presence’

Because of the fact that this theory is still rather unknown in Romania we give a definition.

A Theory of Presence speaks about a practice in which the caregiver involves itself attentively and committed on the other, thus learns to see what is at stake at the other – from desires to anxiety – and in doing so in this connection is going to understand what could be done in the specific situation and in doing so who he/she can be for the other. What can be done, will be done. A way of acting that can be accomplished only with sense of subtlety, craftsmanship, practical wisdom and loving loyalty.

Particular is the order in which the described assisting act unfolds: first is entered into the affect in a specific, intense way (that is attentive and dedicated), and only then (or: thereby) can prove who the caregiver can be for the person and for whatever desire or for which emergency it will go and what needs care.

The relationship is so paramount, the problem-solving action is suspended and the identity of the caregiver (‘who can I be for you? ‘) is not fixed but forms in a shared learning process. That is different from what we usually see: usually already is fixed in an advance state who and what the caregiver must be for the other and about what it will run in the relation.


With other words: care and assistance is not a natural process: It is always a special match in a unique form appropriate to this man, to this family, to this youngster. It is much more than acting technical right. Attendance (presence) is running in the core to relational work.

Objectives of this training

At the end of this training

  • You have basic theoretical knowledge about ‘A Theory of Presence’
  • You understand the importance of connecting yourself to the world as lived by your clients and face the offer of care through the perspective of your clients
  • You understand what good practitioners actually do in their practice
  • You are able to reflect on your (ethical) frames of care
  • You are able to start experimenting this theory in your daily practice
  • You understand the topic of mismatch between client and care provider
  • You basically understand how to discuss case histories in a present way (Case Based Learning)
  • You understand the necessity to provide a balanced form of care and self-care

About the Dutch trainers of the training

Marije van de Linde (1973) studied Philosophy, Social Work and Supervision Knowledge. Being a staff member of the Presence foundation she is connected at learning and change processes in organizations based on the attendance approach. In this she plays different roles at various levels, ranging from project manager to trainer or supervisor. Marije has her work experience in care services, in the intensive community-based care, family care and long-term Psychiatry (among other things as a manager, supervisor and executive). Her involvement in vulnerable people runs like a red thread through her career in care and welfare.

3Sjaak Monster (born 1954) is working in the Dutch Health Care system for almost thirty-eight years. His specialization is Addiction Care. Sjaak studied Social Work, Health Care Management, Addiction Care and Intervention Knowledge (MSc). Sjaak is working in Romania since 1990. He is the president of the ProRroma-foundation (www.prorroma.org) and the Romanian substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition (www.rosaac.ro). Since 2001 Sjaak provided around eighty weeks of training and workshops in countries like Bulgaria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, Tadzhikistan and Ukraine. Sjaak has a heart for the most marginalized and suppressed persons in society.


More information

For more information you can send a mail, or phone to:

Mrs. Dr. Tabita Cernica



Mr. Endre Erdo




Mrs. Oltita Baciu




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