Training aggression de-escalation

002From 9 – 11 December 2014 the training ‘aggression de-escalation’ took place in Teen Challenge in Gradistea. This training was offered to ROSAAC organizations and professionals from outside ROSAAC. Three trainers from the Netherlands, from which one as well being an actress, provided theory and practical tools how to work in a professional way with aggressive behaviour of our clients.

For most of the 21 participants it was completely new to be trained in such a practical way with an actress demonstrating in reality what kind of aggressive behaviour we face in care-giving. It took courage from the participants to exercise with new ways of handling aggression. Afterwards it was mentioned that participants felt equipped and better prepared to tackle aggressive behaviour.

Besides the training we enjoyed the hospitality of Teen Challenge and its staff and clients providing great accommodation and food. During the brakes ROSAAC members were able to have fellowship

004and share experiences. We felt united in our common mission once more to give our efforts for the rehabilitation of addicts and their family-members.

The next training will take place from 24 until 26 February 2015. Topic will be ‘a theory of presence’

and deals with the aspect of being maximum present for our clients in such a way that it will be felt and experienced by our clients as beneficial, pleasant and near. Again this training will be provided in close cooperation with Teen Challenge and accommodated in the Teen Challenge men Centre in Gradistea.

Trainers will be Mrs. Marije van der Linde and Mr. Sjaak Monster from the Netherlands.

For more information you can send a mail, or phone to:

Mrs. Dr Tabita Cernica



Mr. Endre Erdo





Mrs. Oltita Baciu




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