Training 2014-2015

Training announcement

The Romanian Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition (ROSAAC) organizes a unique training offer during the period from December 2014 until June 2015. Topics will be:


  • Aggression de-escalation

The ROSAAC Aggression De-escalation Training next week (9-11 December) does not take place on the location Aleea Lacul Morii (fosta str. Amilcar Săndulescu), nr. 3, Bucuresti, sector 6, Sediul Alege Viata, but in Teen Challenge in Gradistea, Grădiștea no. 31, Primărie St, Ilfov county.

December 2014

  • A theory of presence

February 2015

  • Motivational Interviewing

April 2015

  • Working with self-support groups

June 2015


These trainings will be provided by professional Dutch trainers and last from Tuesday until Thursday. They will all take place in Bucharest. Besides the ROSAAC organizations ( a limited number of places for attendance are available for not ROSAAC employees.


From Tuesday 9 until Thursday 11 December 2014 the aggression de-escalation training will take place. In the morning a theoretic frame will be offered how to work with aggressive clients in healthcare organizations. During the afternoon theory will be exercised with the assistance of a professional actress. A certificate of participation will be handed out at the end of this training.


Objectives of this training

After this training participants have knowledge about various forms of aggression like frustration aggression, instrumental aggression and psychopathologic aggression. Participants know how to recognize these various forms of aggression and know how to act related to each specific form.


About the Dutch trainers of the aggression de-escalation training

1Paul Peters (born 1953) is active as a trainer and counsellor of humans working with humans, especially in care and service. He started his profession being a group-leader in the care for mental handicapped, child-psychiatry and crises-receiving for children and mothers. After obtaining his university diploma Provisioning Work he worked as coordinating activities supervisor for humans with a physical handicap. After this Paul studied Continuing Education General Pedagogy and became socio-therapist and team leader in a general psychiatric hospital. In 1997 he finished a Supervision Course. In this position Paul supervised and coached social workers, team-leaders, group-leaders and teams.


Paul has been providing training, coaching and management development programs for various universities, mental healthcare organizations, organizations for interfering care, nursing homes, youth care for severely behaviorally young people, for the child care and protection board, for humans with a physical handicap and neighborhood mediation.


2Monique Roovers (1980) has a Master degree in Pedagogy. Since her study she always has been interested in the psychiatric and neurologic background of families and the rehabilitation of  problematic youth in society. Besides her professional carrier, from young age Monique had a main interest in theatre and acting. After years with a variety of jobs she started being a training-actress in 2007, this being hired by a professional training-organization. Besides working as a training-actress, trainer and Coach Monique coordinates theatre productions, mostly for care-organizations, welfare and education. Monique found her passion in theatre and acting combined with her work.


More information


For more information you can send a mail, or phone to:


Mrs. Dr. Tabita Cernica



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Yours faithfully,


Sjaak Monster

President of ROSAAC



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