Connected Organizations

Organization Workers Volunteers Clients inpatient Clients outpatient Beneficiaries from prevention
available places/beds available case-load
Rafa 0 3 - 20 8
Bonus Pastor 15 30 24 550 2000*
Crucea Albastra 11 5 40 20 300
Identitate - 16 - 80 200
Mana Deschisa 6 5 24 0 100
Preventis 2 40 - 20** 2.610***
Teen Challenge 5 2 20 10 500
Total 46 107 108 1.264 7.478

RAFA – Bonus Pastor

Mission-statement The RAFA - Bomus Pastor program exists to help individuals and their families who are directly or indirectly affected by alcohol with information, counselling and support groups to achieve a balanced lifestyle and healthy relationships founded on Christian values and principles.
Client group Families affected by alcoholism
Number of clients Around 30 families in ongoing counselling and/or support groups.
Number of workers 4 employees, 5 volunteers
Activities / aid services Support groups for addicted persons. Groups also for their partners and for teenagers from alcohol affected families. Twice yearly therapeutic retreats for addicts and their partners. Individual counselling. Also information and prevention campaigns.
Therapy model Adaptation of the Alcoholics Anonymous “12 steps” model.

Bonus Pastor Foundation

Mission-statement Bonus Pastor Foundation aims to speak and demonstrate, in a practical way, the love of Jesus Christ to people who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. We offer assistance to treat the psychological and spiritual dimensions of addiction.
Client group Addicted people to: alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. and their relatives
Number of clients 24 beds in the Drug Therapy Centre, 8 clients at 1.12.2010
Number of workers 4 social workers, 3 psychologists, 3 pastors + 5 administrative staff
Activities / aid services
  • Short-term (12 days) and long-term (6-9 month) therapeutic programs
  • Aftercare programs (weekend conferences, summer camp)
  • Support groups (self-help type)
  • Prevention programs for children and teenagers (summer camps and follow-up meetings)
  • Prevention in schools and other organizations
Therapy model The short-term therapy model is an adaptation of the model of the Hungarian Blue Cross, the program consisting elements as group and individual therapy, Bible based, medical an psychological lectures/seminars. The long-term program uses the PORTAGE therapy model, which originates from Canada . A six-phase therapeutic community-type program of rehabilitation based on learning skills for a healthy life-conduct. It aims to positively influence the character and the forming of efficient behavioral models, new values. This is realized with the help of the therapeutic community, on the basis of Christian values.

Asociatia Crucea Albastra

Mission-statement We understand our ministry as a diaconical mission: to accept a man as he comes, to help him to stand up, to be his guide for a while, to help him find the liberty and responsibility for a fulfilled, sober life
Client group People addicted to alcohol and other drugs and their families
Number of clients
  • 25 in the men's center
  • 15 in the women's center
  • as many as are asking for help in the outpatient treatment
Number of workers 10
Activities / aid services Counseling, group therapy and individual therapy, medical and social care, spiritual guidance, ergo-therapy, reintegration in family and community, occasionally prevention and training activities
Therapy model Therapeutic Communities and Outpatient Treatment combining the Models from Blue Cross, De Hoop, Minnesota and other methods

Asociatia Mana Deschisa

Mission-statement Our mission is to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the work of Mana Deschisa in loving and revitalizing the homeless and disadvantaged youth of Romania, people who have experienced situations in their lives that most of us would not like to imagine. Our community offers safety and support for them to start a new life. The goal is to introduce them back into society, addiction-free, healthier in relationships, prepared for work, having assumed responsibility for their lives and hopefully having a relationship with God.
Client group The program targets young women who are willing to make a conscious effort in order to change their lives. Mothers with children are also welcome. Our doors are open to all those who are struggling with establishing and maintaining long lasting relationships, who find it difficult to trust others, who have an addictive behavior (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc.), or who have suffered from depressions, physical, emotional or sexual abuse or other emotional problems.
Number of clients 24 places available
Number of workers 5 volunteers; 6 paid workers
Activities / aid services Reintegration of socially marginalized young women, aid to the needy, social work, Christian counseling, drug/alchohol rehabilitation.
Therapy model Basic daily activities, followed by individual and group counseling. Our clients benefit also from therapy by work projects, creativity, etc.

Asociatia Preventis

Mission-statement To educate, motivate and equip the young generation in order to take good decisions that will contribute to their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual health so that they can develop at their full potential.
Client group
  • Children, teenagers and adults involved in their education, from schools, churches, and other public or private institutions (in the prevention programs)
  • Young people who abuse drugs and their family members (for counseling)
Number of clients aprox. 2.500/year
Number of workers 3 staff, 2 with part time contract, aprox. 40 volunteers/year
Activities / aid services
  • Universal and selective drug prevention in children and youth
  • Ambulatory counseling for young people who abuse drugs and their family members
  • Addiction training
Therapy model De Hoop Model, cognitiv-behaviour approach and systhemic family therapy

Fundatia Teen Challenge

Mission-statement Teen Challenges is an organization whose purpose is the recovery of people with addictions and destructive behavior and who demonstrate a clear desire to be free of their addiction. Motto: “Turning the hopeless into Givers of Hope”.
Client group The drug addicts (primary emphasis on heroin addicts). Teenagers and young adults that live in the streets.
Number of clients 8
Number of workers 10 full time/ 5 volunteers
Activities / aid services
  • Coffee House Crisis Centre
  • Street Outreach
  • Methadone and Detox Outreaches
  • Non- residential Recovery Outreach
  • Girls Out patience program
Therapy model Individual therapy

Asociatia Identitate

Mission-statement We, the members of Asociatia Identitate, as followers of Jesus Christ from different denominations, are united in an association with the objective to promote drug prevention, addiction care and rehabilitation of people that suffer from addiction.
Client group Addicts and their families, youth
Number of clients 400 a year
Number of workers 20 volunteers
Activities / aid services
  • Information
  • Prevention
  • Counselling
  • Therapy
Therapy model MINESOTA

Asociatia Victory Outreach

Mission-statement Victory Outreach creates a legacy of hope in the inner cities of the World. Victory Outreach inspires and installs within people the desire to fulfil their potential in life with a sense of dignity, belonging and destiny.
Client group
  • Homeless people
  • Drug-addicts
  • Alcoholics
  • Prostitutes
Number of clients 20 beds available, 7 (Rehab-program), 5 (Re-entry program) Some have jobs, some working on staff with us
Number of workers 2 (full time) 7 (volunteers)
Activities / aid services
  • Outreach activities on the streets of Bucharest
  • Rehabilitation home for mostly addicted boys/men
  • Rehabilitation home for mostly addicted girls/women
  • Network building and restoring families of ex-drug addicts
  • Monday & Friday open house program with possibilities of a warm meal, showering, clean cloths activities, relationship building and counselling,inspiring message from the Bible
  • Daily evangelizing
  • Wednesday prayer meeting + Bible study
  • Friday evening Christian movie program (with sandwich or soup)
  • Sunday afternoon Church-fellowship
  • Night-shelter for homeless when temperature is 10 degrees - 0 (50 places)
Therapy model Victory Outreach is an international, church oriented ministry, called to the task of evangelizing and disciplining the hurting people of the world, with the message of hope and perspective of Jesus Christ. This call involves a commitment to plant and develop churches, rehabilitation homes and training centres in strategic cities of the world.