Nancy Thomas Conference
February 3 – 6, 2010

February started out full speed ahead for Mana Deschisa. The arrival of Nancy Thomas jump started this month for us in the most pleasant way. After waiting two long years since we first invited Nancy to come to Mana Deschisa the time was finally here.

Monday evening we planned a welcome dinner for Nancy and Connie (her 18 year old daughter) to introduce them to the Mana Deschisa team that would be involved in organizing the conference and discuss the plans for their stay in Romania.

That Wednesday evening we gathered together for our first session of the conference. Together with 60 of Romania’s finest workers we opened up the seminar with a time of getting to know each other. There were 15 different non-profit organizations represented within the group and hearts were open and expectant!


For the next three days Nancy taught in an enthusiastic and humorous way how to reach the hearts of deeply wounded children and youth affected by abuse and abandonment during their early years. Her methods offered new and useful tools that we could directly apply to working with our clients, children and the youth in our care. An evening was set aside strictly for questions and answers. Her 35 years of insight and experience in working with people suffering from Attachment Disorder was put to the test with loads of questions from our thirsty group. Many people received practical answers to their questions and were anxious to get back to their organizations or homes to “try” them out.


After the conference finished we were delighted to read the feedback forms that the participants filled out before they left. We had a unanimous response from the group that they were very encouraged and recharged from Nancy’s teaching, and they were very pleased with the Mana Deschisa team. We received a positive “yes” from each person attending that they were interested in another conference by Nancy and/
or any other conference hosted by Mana Deschisa. It was such an encouragement to Nancy and our team. All the hard work and planning was worth it! We look forward to working in the future with Nancy. We’ll keep you posted!