ROSAAC stands for Romanian Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition. Since the Romanian society was flooded with drugs in 1998, as well the Romanian Government and several non-governmental organizations decided to reach out to their fellow Romanian citizens with addiction problems. In order to give assistance to addicts in their efforts for recovery in a more effective way, several Christian faith-based organizations decided to join their forces in the ROSAAC Coalition.

We believe that recovery and rehabilitation leading to a life free from addiction is reachable for addicts.

Within ROSAAC several services are offered to the Romanian society. Those services range from drug-prevention work to outpatient treatment, day care facilities, inpatient treatment, case management and training.ROSAAC members are found all over Romania. The main objective of this website is to provide a clear overview of those services, especially for those who primarily need our support and dedication: the addicts and their family members.

The ROSAAC organizations come from various Christian denominations. We unite in our common belief that the God of the Bible has compassion for addicts and requests us to reach out to them. We realise that opening your heart for Christ is a free choice. Therefore, all our clients are free to make their own decisions regarding their faith.